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    Oros and Busch provides professional, responsible, and cost-effective
    solutions for wastewater, municipal water, and organic residuals management. 

    From permitting and environmental compliance to transportation, logistics, and
    land application
-- our expertise, our dedication and our culture of safety are
    second to none

     Discover the Oros and Busch difference!

     Whether you are well established and looking to improve your wastewater and organic residuals
     methodology, or a novice looking for new solutions, Oros and Busch can provide the
     services, guidance, and capabilities you need -- with a commitment to customer satisfaction that
     is sure to please you.

 Solutions custom tailored for YOU!

     Oros and Busch provides cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions to
     the wastewater and residuals management industry, serving both industrial and municipal
     customers. Services include the permitting, removal, transportation and land application of
     wastewater residuals including DAF skimmings and municipal bio-solids. We also perform clean
     outs for digesters, lagoons, and storage ponds. Our team is professional, safety conscious,
     and we know what it means to be good stewards of the land.
Why Oros and Busch is your best choice ...

  Capable of handling both solids and liquids
  Expert EPA and environmental compliance
  USDOT, OSHA, and safety expertise
  Multi-state permitting capabilities
  Excellent land stewardship practices
  Reliable logistics and transportation
  Responsive, hands-on management team
  Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction
  We work hand-in-hand with land owners
  Committed to ethical business standards

 Contact us today and see for yourself!

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